Kanser Serviks ( Kanser pangkal rahim )

Kanser Serviks ( Kanser pangkal rahim )
Serviks merupakan sebuah organ yang berada di bahagian bawah rahim. Kadang kala organ ini di sebut sebagai uterine cervix. Serviks bersambung dengan uterus dan Vagina. Bahagian serviks yang paling hampir dengan dinding uterus disebut sebagai endocervix. Bahagian di sebelah vagina di sebut sebagai exocervix (atau ectocervix).

Terdapat dua jenis utama yang melindungi serviks sel-sel skuama pada ectocervix dan sel-sel kelenjar (glandular cells ) pada endocervix. Tempat pertemuan di antara dua sel ini dipanggil transformation zone ( zon transformasi). Kebanyakan kanser Servik bermula pada transformation zone ini
Kebanyakan kanser serviks bermula dari dalam lapisan sel-sel serviks. Sel-sel ini tidak secara tiba-tiba berubah kepada sel kanser.

Sebaliknya, sel-sel normal serviks beransur-ansur mengalami perubahan Pra- kanser yang yang kemudian bertukar kepada kanser. Doktor menggunakan beberapa istilah untuk menggambarkan perubahan pra kanser ini, termasuk servikal intraepitelium neoplasia (CIN), skuama intraepitelium lesi (SIL), dan displasia. Perubahan ini boleh dikesan oleh ujian Pap dan diperlakukan untuk mencegah perkembangan kanser.

Kanser-kanser serviks dan Pra kanser servikal diklasifikasikan dengan cara melihat di bawah sebuah mikroskop. Terdapat 2 jenis kanser serviks yang utama: karsinoma sel skuamus dan adenokarsinoma. Kabanyakan 80% hingga 90% kanser serviks berasal dari sel karsinoma sel skuamus. Kanser serviks adalah daripada sel-sel skuama yang menutup permukaan exocervix. Jika dilihat di bawah mikroskop, kita dapati kanser serviks berasal sel skuama. Karsinoma sel skuamus adalah yang paling sering kali bermula dari exocervix kemudian beralih kepada endocervix.

Adenocarcinomas merupakan salah satu jenis kanser serviks yang kekal. Adenocarcinomas lazimnya menyerang wanita yang berusia antara 20 hingga 30 tahun. Adenokarsinoma servikal berasal daripada mukus yang di keluarkan sel-sel kelenjar endocervix ( glandular cells ) secara berlebihan. Kanser serviks mempunyai ciri-ciri kedua-dua karsinoma sel skuamus dan adenocarcinomas. Ini telah dipanggil adenosquamous karsinoma atau mixed carcinomas.

Walaupun kanser serviks bermula daripada sel-sel pra kanser, tidak semua Pra Kanser serviks akan bertukar menjadi Kanser Serviks kekal. Hanya beberapa orang sahaja yang akan mengidapi kanser Serviks kekal. Kebiasaanya perubahan sel pra Kanser akan mengambil masa bertahun-tahun untuk menjadi sel Kanser serviks kekal.

Walaupun tubuh badan seseorang telah berlaku perubahan pada sel pra Kanser ianya akan kembali normal dengan secara semulajadi tanpa sebarang rawatan asalkan orang tersebut menukar diet pemakanan yang mengandungi B17.Merawat sel pra kanser di peringkat awal akan dapat menghalang dan mencegah semua jenis kanser serviks menjadi kekal. Contoh pemakanan yang dapat mencegah sel pra kanser Serviks menjadi kanser serviks kekal adalah Kapsul B17 Apricot sead di ambil 4 kali sehari jam 8 am, 12am, 4 pm dan 8pm dengan pengambilan 3 biji kapsul.

Perubahan Sel pra kanser dibahagikan kepada beberapa kategori berdasarkan analisa keatas sel yang di lihat di bawah mikroskop. Hampir semua kanser-kanser serviks adalah sama. Samaada karsinoma sel skuamus atau adenocarcinomas. Maka cara rawatan dan pencegahan juga sama. Selain dari sel kanser yang di sebut di atas kanser jenis lain juga dapat dibangunkan dalam serviks. Antaranya seperti kanser kulit, sarkoma, dan limfoma. Walaupun kanser jenis ini biasanya berlaku di bahagian organ yang lain. Tetapi tidak mustahil boleh berlaku di bahagian Serviks.

Oasis of Hope Hospital programme

At the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Baja, California, Mexico, which is 20 miles south of San Diego, California, U.S.A., the Contreras group of doctors treat the patient, not the disease. They will provide nutrition and non-toxic therapies that not only attack the cancer.
There are three parts to this programme:
  1. Vitamins and enzymes
  2. Nitrilosides , vitamin B17, Laetrile, kernels) ( Boleh dapatkan produk ini dari kami )
  3. Diet ( lihat makanan yg mangandungi B17 )
Vitamins and Enzymes to be taken with meals
( Vitamin dan Enzymes ini anda boleh dapatkan dari Farmasi yang berdekatan atau boleh dapatkan dari Kami 0123697369/ 012 9642466
  1. Multiple vitamin - 1 twice daily
  2. Vitamin C - 1 gram twice daily, increasing to at least 6 gms daily while taking high doses of laetrile
  3. Vitamin E 400 units - 1 twice daily
  4. Univase Forte (formerly Megazyme Forte) (a combination of trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromalin and zinc) - 2 three times daily
  5. Pangamic acid (B15) 100mg - 1 three times daily
  6. Emulsified vitamin A providing 125,000iu daily. (The equivalent of A&E emulsified drops would be about 8 drops with 15,000 iu vitamin A per drop)
  7. Binzel stresses the need for zinc, to be able to absorb the vitamin B17 - take separately if not in enzyme supplement. (A therapeutic dose is 15 - 50mg daily)
Nitrilosides i.e. Vitamin B17

Dr Binzel uses Amygdalin (Laetrile) available in 500mg tablets and in vials (10cc-3gms) for intravenous use. The dosage he uses is as follows: for three weeks
  • intravenous Laetrile is given three times weekly for three weeks with at least one day between injections. Dosage: 1st dose 1 vial (3gms); 2nd and 3rd dose 2 vials (6gms); 4th- 9th dose 3 vials( 9gms).
  • The oral dosage is given in a dosage of 1gm daily (two 500mg tablets) on the days on which the patients do not receive the I.V. Laetrile. (adding the intravenous and oral doses together they total 79gms over 19 days i.e. average just over 4gms per day) ( boleh dapatkan dari Kami 012 9642466 / 013 5335190)

Dr. Binzel has them take both tablets at the same time at bedtime on an empty stomach with water. The water is important because there are some enzymes in the fruits and vegetables and in their juices which will destroy part of the potency of the Laetrile tablets while they are in the stomach. Once the stomach has emptied, this is no problem. (However, other sources recommend taking the tablets while having food in the stomach. Personally we have found having food in the stomach best - but not raw fruit or vegetables because they contain enzymes

The next three months

Following this first three weeks of I.V. injections, the patient then has one injection of 1 vial - 3gms once weekly for three months. If the patient notices a considerable difference in the way he feels when the injections are reduced to once weekly, the injections are increased to two or three times a week for three weeks. This is repeated as often as necessary until the patient notices no difference with the reduced dosage. Eventually just one gram per day is taken orally, and this is continued indefinitely.

NB. Dr Binzel does not start his patients on their Laetrile, either I.V. or orally, until they have been on their vitamins and enzymes and diet for a period of ten days to two weeks. He finds that the Laetrile seems to have little or no effect until a sufficient quantity of other vitamins and minerals are in the body.

Zinc, for example, is the transportation mechanism for the Laetrile. In the absence of sufficient quantities of zinc, the Laetrile does not get into the tissues. The body will not rebuild any tissue without sufficient quantities of Vitamin C. When he starts the Laetrile he also increases the dosage of Vitamin C by 1 gm every third day until they reach a level of at least 6gms. (When reducing from high levels of vitamin C, please do so gradually.)

The level of nitrilosides in the body can be monitored. When the body metabolises nitrilosides, the by-product is thiocyanate. Thiocyanate levels in the blood can be measured. Dr Binzel finds in general, that patients who do best are those in whom the thiocyanate level is between 1.2 and 2.5 mg/DL.

Laetrile is not the only source of nitrilosides. There are some 1500 foods that contain nitrilosides. These include apricot kernels, peach kernels, grape seeds, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, bean sprouts, butter beans, and macadamia nuts. The advantage of taking laetrile is that it can raise the nitriloside level in the body (and, thus, re-establish the body’s second line of defence against cancer) much more rapidly than can be done by diet alone.

Diet For patients:

If it is animal or comes from animals you cannot have it! i.e. all meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese and milk. Reason: it takes large quantities of digestive enzymes to process animal protein (these are the enzymes that dissolve the protein lining of the cancer cells which can then be killed by white blood cells). Patient would be on this diet for a minimum of 4 months. To restore the enzymes back into the body for the first line of defence.

If it does not come from animal you can eat it, but not cook it! Reason: fresh fruit and vegetables contain important enzymes, but any temperature over 130 degrees will destroy enzymes. For this reason fruits and vegetables may not be cooked, canned or bottled. They may be frozen at home, but commercial frozen food has often been processed in some way.

diet with lots of salads.
Salad dressings: use vegetable oil and no refined sugar - use molasses or honey.
Use sea salt in moderation, iodised is fine. Use herbs and spices.

No white flour or white sugar. No food preservatives.
Eat as wide a range of vegetables as possible. Aim for 60% vegetables and 40% fruit. Also wide variety of fruit - except for citrus fruits, eat the seeds of the fruit - apple seeds, grape seeds, apricot kernels, peach kernels, etc. have a high nitriloside content. Get protein from vegetables so that you use less pancreatic enzymes for digestion.

Protein content of diet can be cooked.Wholewheat cereals, pasta, breads. Corn. Buckwheat high in protein.
Butter in small amounts - no margarine. Nuts high in protein. (Not roasted peanuts because of an acid formed in roasting) Dried fruit provide protein. Beans when eaten for protein can be cooked. What can be eaten raw should be. No milk other than what used on cereal and in cooking. No caffeine. Herb teas OK.

At end of 4 months if patient is doing well, diet is liberalised. Add chicken, turkey and fish. 90% of the diet should be as above plus chicken, turkey and fish. Other 10% cooked vegetables and 0% red meats.

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